Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zack's birthday in a box

Abbey's baby doll Zackary turned 1 this Christmas and received this Birthday Party in a Box for his Christmas present. Since we've not had a free Saturday since then, his Birthday party has been put off until this Saturday. I found this super cute Monkey themed party kit at Michael's for about 30 dollars and couldn't resist it. This past week I found some adorable monkey hats and fun foam crafts for the kids to play at Michael's. Now all I have to do is order a monkey face cake and stock up on bananas & Chunky Monkey ice cream. :-)


  1. oh how funny! and fun. I forget, with all the ACT talk and things that Abbey is still in that in between stage where playing with dolls is still fun. Have a great party! And be sure to give me all the details - Kaitlyn is already talking about having a monkey party for her next birthday so I'm collecting ideas when I run across them.

  2. how cute is that!!!!!!!! lol
    she is so cute!