Monday, January 19, 2009

SWF party.

Abbey spent most of the day in her Pj's looking adorable until Daniel came home and we headed out to dinner. When we came back home she changed to take a shower and put her clothes in the hamper and Daniel said "Hey little one, you wore those for an hour and a half." We both looked at him and said "Now they're dirty." LOL It bugs him a bit that we germ freaks. Anywho ... There was a scrapping party in a group I belong to from Cafe Mom today (Scrapping with friends)... Here are a few of the projects I worked on between Abbey having a day off from school, house work, laundry and a headache I can't seem to shake. I loved the envelope corner book marks, I'm a avid reader so book marks always come in handy, and the super cute cupcake decoration was too easy to pass up making. I also made a card for another groups card challenge. Thanks for looking! Have a great week.


  1. cute cute! I need to finish up my cupcake - yours looked so cute and easy I tried to start one at 9:00 and got too tired to finish it.

  2. These are beautiful. I love the bookmarks is that a pattern that I might be able to find somewhere?

  3. They are just the corners cut off an envelope and embellished any way you want. Super easy.