Monday, March 30, 2009

Mojo Monday #80

I'm really loving the wonderful sketches over at Mojo Monday and this is my second week to give it a go. I love this new paper stack I picked up last week! The colors are so vibrant and pretty. I posted a close up of the super cute MM clear creations circle tag and their decorative straight pins ... so cute!!! I love how this card came out. Thanks for looking!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shopping. :-)

Shopping, lunch and an afternoon nap. It all started with a tape runner refill. lol I told Daniel I needed to run by Hobby Lobby to buy another tape runner refill for my tape gun and he said "Oh I'll go with you." :-) la la la la ... lol that's my happy song, I sang it in my head on the drive to HL. He bought me two Fantabulous paper stacks, tape, ink, a bunny ears craft, and 3 new sets of clear stamp ... two of which came with ink and a stamping block. Since Michael's is literally around the corner he suggested we pop in . LA LA LA LA!! Too bad punches weren't on sale. lol I left with two more super pretty paper stacks, MM Chloe's Closet decorative straight pins (so pretty!), MM Chloe's Closet clear creations, another bottle of Beacons :-), and a Fastenater mini. We went to lunch at one of his favorite Chinese food restaurants and then stopped to fill my gas tank before heading home. While I was taking out all my goodies and arranging them for a photo he popped in and asked if I felt like a snuggle and a movie ... Of course I'd never say no so I ended up taking a really nice 3 hour nap. :-) He left for work while I was still sleeping but he set the alarm so I wouldn't be late for Roo. Sweet sweet sweet!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rock Band

Abbey had a sleep over for her cousins Leticia and Kimberly on Saturday night and they played Rock Band until well after 10. Yikes! Late I know but they were having so much fun I didn't want to break it up. Well today after Church they were offered the choice between a movie or skating and all three wanted more time playing Rock Band. I was trying to get photos of each of them but they were too busy playing to pose for me. LOL So I finally had them stand together for one very quick shot. What a bunch of cuties!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mojo Monday week 78

Mojo Monday card challenge week 78. Since I had these pretty papers already out I decided to participate in another blog challenge. I love all the wonderful new blogs I've come across and seeing the amazing works of art from the oh so talented ladies all over the world.

Stamps and Smiles card challenge #7

This is a card I did for the Stamp and Smiles blog card challenge.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo for the day ... ATC card I made today for a swap on CafeMom.

Daniel took the van and cleaned it top to bottom! We put in 15oo miles on our trip. Wow!!
After school we took Abbey to have her eyes examined and yuppers she needs a new RX ... the Dr said her vision changed quite a lot in the last year. She took over an hour to find the perfect pair and in 10 days she will have them. Poor Abbey she gets her horrible vision from me. Happily her vision can be corrected to 20/20 with the new RX. I kind of freaked out about that since last time another Dr in the office told us it was not going to be any better that 30/30 Hummmm??? I had mine checked also and yes I need a new RX too. UGH, I finally found glasses I actually like and now I need new ones. I didn't find any I liked at that office to I'm going back to the place I found the ones I have to get them again. :-)

Daniel balanced the checkbook today and asked if I wanted to know the cost of our little vacation ... LOL I said nope! He laughed and said it was about 6 times more than what we set out to spend. Yikers! Well for one camping is cheap (17 dollars a night) and clean hotels are not(189 a night)! Not to mention you can't set up your propane stove in a hotel, so you eat out. That and my ring, NASA, all the shopping we did on the trip and this Sunday at the mall. :-) It's so nice to be spoiled!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We had breakfast in a really nice Mexican restaurant, did some shopping and headed home. Since it was a long drive Abbey and I watched Cars, Charlies Angles 1 and 2 and slept some :-) When we got home we unpacked and I started some laundry. Sunday was our Spa day and boy oh boy was it nice!! We also did some shopping at North Star Mall and Abbey picked out a few new outfits for her build a bears. We had dinner Sunday night out and called it a day at about 9! lol I noticed Abbey squinting a bit so it's time for an eye exam again.

Friday, March 13, 2009

NASA day 2

As you can see Abbey fell in love with this little fleece hoodie, her first, and she wore it basically everyday even though Daniel bought her one in just about every color. She and Gia the Build a Bear match ... too cute!
Funny story about the hoodie, Daniel bought me some also and as I was putting one on to make him happy I looked down and noticed what I thought was a skull!!! I said hey wait, what's on this thing and he grabbed me fast and hugged me to him and asked " What if it has a bloody rose and skull, would you wear it for me bride?" Ugh eeegads NO WAY I yelled in my head!!!! But I smiled and said yes ... but not in public. He laughed and let me go, I looked down and it was just some swirls with tiny little aqua beads on it. hahhah Abbey chimed in and said she wished hers had a pink skull with a plaid hair bow!! WHAT??? hahahhaa silly thing!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Houston was just as cold, well maybe not as cold but cold and wet. Since we were indoors most of the time it was nice. We haven't been to the NASA museum in a few years so we were happy to see it's changed from last time. Abbey had a blast and convinced us to change our one day tickets into year passes. I'm looking forward to her next long weekend so we can go back.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had to wait until day two at the camp grounds to get a photo because it was too dark when we first arrived. At the Diamond mine Abbey was the adventurous one and sat down on the sopping wet ground to hunt for diamonds. At one point she was flat on her tummy digging up mounds of mud and singing "Singing in the rain" lol Daniel and I sort of walked the mushy ground slip sliding around until our hands and feet were so cold it hurt. lol Diamond hunting was fun but we didn't find much more than Pink Quarts and Jasper. Oh well ... maybe next time. lol Abbey had a blast and was finally willing to leave but only because it started pouring rain yet again! Our camp ground looked like a mini river and sadly our tent was flooded the morning of day two so we took it down in freezing rain and packed up camp. That was when we decided to head back to TX and the NASA museum ... after a quick stop at a laundry mat to dry our gear and wash our muddy clothes. On our drive to Houston we stopped at a really cute Antique store and Daniel bought me a beautiful 1 1/2 carat diamond ring to commemorate our adventures in diamond mining. I asked if it was an early Birthday gift and he said no just a gift. I have to say I LOVE that guy!!!! Abbey picked out an old cradle for Zack. We stayed at a nice dry hotel for the night and started the last 3 hours drive to Houston in the morning.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photo #1 is of Abbey trying to decide if she needs to "go" before we leave the house. lol We had a late start to our drive ... and ended up reaching Arkansas about 8PM. Abbey was thrilled to get out and play for a bit before we got back in to finish out the drive to the camp grounds. When we left SA it was 76 ... when we arrived in Arkansas it was 47* by the time we settled down for the night at the camp grounds it was 32* and pouring rain! Fun!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Abbey and I ran errands for most of the day to prepare for our Spring break vacation. Our vacation includes camping out and diamond hunting. lol

Friday, March 6, 2009

I was invited by Abbey's choir teacher to help chaperon the Advanced Choir group as they attended their yearly competition. It was a long day with many many flights of stairs, seemingly endless hallways and being moved from one hot room to another until they were finally allowed on stage to compete. They spent oh - maybe 10 minutes on stage and half of it was in silence as the judges wrote down their scores between songs. They looked so pretty in their long choir gowns .... I wish I had taken my steamer because most of the girls pulled their gown out of their back packs!!! Wrinkled and all they sounded amazing. They received a 2 , meaning they were above average. After they sang their rehearsed music they were moved to another oh so hot holding area before being ushered into a smaller room to perform a piece they had never seen or rehearsed. That part of the competition is called Sight Reading. Basically they have to know music well enough to read it and perform it. Their teacher had 4 minutes to guide them through the music without instrumental or vocal aids!! The whole time they practiced they had to do it in their heads, without tapping out notes or rhythms or they would be disqualified. After their practice their teacher is allowed to play 4 notes on the piano and then they have to perform with out her help at all. I don't read music and I haven't a clue what b flat or any other note sounds like but wow these kids were just amazing ... they sang the song so beautifully it nearly had me in tears. To me it sounded perfect, like one of the old Latin Church songs where it sounds like it's almost chanting ... sadly to the keen ears of the judges it was only a 3 ... meaning they were average. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First 5

So there seems to be a fun new way to distribute RACKs ... I responded to Tylee's 365 post (I was #1, hee hee), she responded to Callies and now you can respond to mine. The first 5 to respond will receive a little goodie from me. As the play it forward goes ... it is a handmade item so poster beware ... LOL If you don't like my crafts - too bad. LOL I'm thinking bookmarks with a matching card & envelope. Sound good to you?? Ok them post away and start your own First 5.

Monday, March 2, 2009

3x3 card

This is a 3x3 Spring themed card I made for a swap on CafeMom. I got to use my Cricut and I love how the little blue bird turned out. I also like how cute and happy he looks perched on the branch. I was trying to make the branch thicker but all I could do was make it longer. lol I'm still trying to figure out the sizing part. Now that I am looking at it ... I think I should have inked the branch a bit to make it stand out more. I was trying to make the branch look like it was in a tree filled with tiny flowers. The thing is ... it was so delicate that I was scared to bend or tear it. I have time to remake them so give me your input ... Thanks Bunches!