Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo for the day ... ATC card I made today for a swap on CafeMom.

Daniel took the van and cleaned it top to bottom! We put in 15oo miles on our trip. Wow!!
After school we took Abbey to have her eyes examined and yuppers she needs a new RX ... the Dr said her vision changed quite a lot in the last year. She took over an hour to find the perfect pair and in 10 days she will have them. Poor Abbey she gets her horrible vision from me. Happily her vision can be corrected to 20/20 with the new RX. I kind of freaked out about that since last time another Dr in the office told us it was not going to be any better that 30/30 Hummmm??? I had mine checked also and yes I need a new RX too. UGH, I finally found glasses I actually like and now I need new ones. I didn't find any I liked at that office to I'm going back to the place I found the ones I have to get them again. :-)

Daniel balanced the checkbook today and asked if I wanted to know the cost of our little vacation ... LOL I said nope! He laughed and said it was about 6 times more than what we set out to spend. Yikers! Well for one camping is cheap (17 dollars a night) and clean hotels are not(189 a night)! Not to mention you can't set up your propane stove in a hotel, so you eat out. That and my ring, NASA, all the shopping we did on the trip and this Sunday at the mall. :-) It's so nice to be spoiled!!!!


  1. literally it was right down the street hahahahaa
    it's on the other side of i45 in that shopping center right there at the exit... but b/c of the construction it's wierd to get to it... but hopefully next time you are here you can let me know and we can get together!!

  2. cute card! And the vacation sounds like so much fun, even with the rain and the change of plans

  3. You've been tagged! Check out my blog entry to see what to do!

  4. Great job on your ATC. They are fun to make. I like the flowers and the border you used. :-)