Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Sunday, September 20, 2009


This month just seems to be flying by. Our schedule has been jam packed. Thankfully we are finally settling in with the routine of School. I've even stopped following the bus to the HS. LOL Abbey's 13th Birthday camping trip went well ... even with the rain off and on. School functions, meetings and outings have taken a bite out of the month and quite frankly most of them were a waste of time. Daniel has been working 70+ hours a week so we hardly have time with him, that makes me sad and grumpy. Mother's almost daily doctor appointments are at least giving me a lot of reading time, I've finished 5 books this month. lol I'm hoping the rest of the month will move a bit slower and give us all time to catch up. Here are some photos from the month. Thanks for looking!
  1. Abbey with Daniel at our favorite Karaoke restaurant to celebrate her "Almost" Birthday.
  2. Abbey the some of the girls at her Birthday weekend camping trip.
  3. Abbey looking so grown up at one of Mother's doctor appointments.
  4. Abbey with her Summer reading project. They had to either make a book jacket or a puppet of one of the characters. Hers is Kira from Lois Lowery's Gathering Blue.
  5. Abbey at her Choir skate party.