Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crafting and Stamptacular Sunday Challenge

Abbey and I spent most of the evening playing in my scrap room. She's quite the talented scrapper and is becoming more and more sure of herself when it comes to card making. Today she helped me do a bit of catch up image coloring. The canvas is for the Stamptacular Sunday Challenge ... Red, White, Blue and a Star Too. She's base painting the canvas we made into a little 4th of July decoration for her door.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garner State Park

Daniel, Abbey and I decided to beat the 100 degree heat and head to Garner for the day. We thought about camping but since Abbey wants to go shopping tomorrow she was quick to vote no on it. The first photo is of the two of them snorkeling, they are looking for fish to use as bait. eww. The second photo is of Abbey jumping off the swinging rope into the water. She loves doing this and it makes me so nervous that we now have a sign to signal she is okay after each jump. Yes, I'm over protective. :-) The last photo is of Abbey, of course. lol just being adorable floating around in the water.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Abbey and Holly at the Witte Museum.

Abbey and I went to a movie this morning and then to Barns and Nobles to pick up two more books from her Summer reading list. She is just flying though them and in another week or so will be at the end of her list. The only problem with her reading them so fast is I have to read the books first because last year one of her books was about a little 11 year old girl who was murdered by her Uncle keep her from telling that he molested her!!! Good Grief! NOT a book I want my little girl reading. A few of the books on last years list were not books I'd recommend for a middle school child. Good thing the 8 we've read so far were all pretty good. Only 11 more to go and she can get back to her her own choices.

Anywho, The photos for today are from the Witte Museum. We had invited my sister and her children to the Museum in the afternoon so we left the book store and headed home for lunch and to call her. She decided they'd skip this time so we invited Holly, my other niece to join us. The girls had a good time and even let me get a few pictures taken. lol The first is a picture of Abbey outside the Museum acting silly. :-) The second is of the girls having a cookie break and the third is of my sweet angel faced Holly as we waited outside of her mom's shop to take them home. We had dinner at Elizabeth's and played Barbie dolls for about an hour. It was a nice day. I only wish it wasn't so hot! It was another day of over 100* temps. Ugh. Luckily tomorrow, Daniel, Abbey and I are heading to the river to play in the nice cool water.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Heart Breakers.

Today was the Talent show at Abbey's school. Abbey and her two friends, Lexie and Melody, danced to Listen to your Heart, techno remix. They called their group The Heart breakers. Abbey was the singer ... of course. lol This is a quick picture I took before they headed out to the stage. They were soooooooo cute and the kids loved it.

I'm sorry to say the video is pretty bad. :-( I was helping in the choir room I didn't get the best seat for the show and was stuck with some heads in the video and not enough time to program my camera for a decent video. Oh well, you can still see the three totally adorable girls doing their thing. :-)