Monday, April 27, 2009

How high will they go?

I went out to Girl Scout Council today and on my way back took this photo right through my windshield. I get so nervous driving under this crazy maze of Highways. There are actually tire marks going over the edge on the highest one. Yikes .... THAT makes me nervous!ugh! I'd hate to be under that when something flies off. There are even higher bridges in town but for some reason those tire marks make this one the worst for me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fiesta Parade!

San Antonio is knows for many things ... The Alamo, our amazing river walk, Sea World, Fiesta TX, the Museums, world class shopping, roller coaster"ish" highways, and of course the Spurs but if you really want to experience San Antonio, you have to come during Fiesta week! There are so many things to see and do, including the Battle of Flowers day parade. We were lucky enough to get tickets right behind my baby sister Elizabeth and her family. Even though it rained for a good half hour before the start of the parade, Abbey, Daniel and I had such a good time cheering on the bands, picking out our favorite hoses from the groups as they cantered by, ooh"ing" and ahh"ing" over the beautiful Princesses, their amazing gowns and their choice of silly shoes, eating over priced goodies (funnel cake ... YUMMY) and waving till our arms were sore.
Abbey and I both thought this float was the best ... Daniel, of course, liked a space themed one. Oh and Abbey picked out another monkey to add to our growing silly collection.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I love a bargain!

First I have to say I love how clean the Michael's on 1604 and Culebra is. I've never gone in and found it untidy ... Oh the goofy neat freak in me just loves that!
Anywho ... just today I was telling my Daniel that I wanted to move around my office/scrap area and I'd need to pick up a few things to reorganize some. So this evening while he took Abbey to the Fiesta carnival I headed to Micheal's and found this really cute MM desktop carousel in the clearance aisle for $8, the regular price is 39.99! I used a 40% off coupon and since everything else was on sale the discount was applied to this and I got it for about 5 dollars. Wowee. It's not damaged or anything but it does have a tiny little dirt smudge on the corner. I love a bargain! :-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Star Trek!!

So, today I was in the grocery store and I almost walked right past this FANTABULOUS banner promoting the new Star Trek motion picture. Long story short ('cause ya know I babble!) we 3 are HUGE fans of just about anything SciFi and let me tell you .... Star Trek is at the very tippy top of that long list of favorites. We are just way too excited about this new movie coming out this Summer and Daniel has already set it all up for us to see a midnight viewing at one of his very good friend's Theatre. It's a sneak peek family and friends kind of thing ... we've seen every SciFi movie that way and it's just great. No crowds, no line for pop corn and no waiting for a free stall in the ladies room. Hummm ... I guess that was still sort of long. LOL Anywho ... I bought all 4 promo packages of sugar loaded "apple" flavored, marshmallow, "fruity" loopy, sugar coated flake cereals, even though we don't eat cereal. Abbey's excited to try them all. I foresee an outrageous sugar high coming up this weekend.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

1st place!

These silly photos were taken after Abbey's Solo Choir competition. She won First place out of about 300 of the Advanced Choir kids. She was too excited to stand still right after and all those photos were blurry with kids jumping up and down. As we were leaving I saw this statue and she immediately wanted to sit on it ... of course! Luckily, because I was afraid of being caught! lol, it was not stable enough so she posed with it instead. In the second photo she wanted it to look like she had horns! She is giggling so hard right now as I type (of course we all know she is on my lap ... always!) She said oh and my handbag is on my horn, I'm ready to shop. hahahaha silly thing.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A week in review

I've been neglecting to up load photos for my 365 since I've been having so much fun participating in blog challenges. So, I made another blog just for my paper crafting and will leave this one just for my 365 ... hopefully :-)
#1 The oh so cute photo of Abbey in the rocket was taken Sat at the mall before we headed out to a new Scrapbook store I found. I'm happy they let kids scrap since most of the stores here will only let them in the back if it is a Mommy and Me day. I know a lot of ladies probably like that but I don't.
#2 Easter Sunday at my Elizabeth's house. I took over 200 photos on Easter but I loved this one so much with Elizabeth's neighbors pretty flowers. I don't have a green thumb so everything I try to grow dies a sad death. :-( Although I do have to say my Poinsettia from Christmas loves me bunches and is sticking it out with me. It even still blooms. Yay!
#3 This amazing Noah's Ark mural was hand drawn and painted by one of the lovely ladies at my sister's Church where we have our Mom to Mom Bible study group. I wish I knew her name. The vestibule is round and three stories high. The painting goes around the whole room upstairs and down. It's just amazing and I find something new each week..
#4 Abbey relaxing in her computer room after doing her homework. She was watching Myth Busters and I took a photo of her watching the television but decided I needed to capture her precious smile for the next one so I told her don't move but look at me and smile. LOL She did :-) She looks like such a big girl in this photo ... what you don't see is her baby doll Zack, her build a Bears and her Easter basket on the couch next to her. LOL What a cutie!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Basic Grey Challenge #30

This week at Basic Grey the challenge is to take inspiration from your favorite chocolate goodies. I used their oh so yummy Bittersweet papers to create this chocolaty card for my sister Anna Marie. The photo didn't come out all that great because it's so overcast here today. Abbey and I had planned to take some Easter photos but the weather is just not cooperating with us ... so we are off to go shopping. :-) Thanks for looking, Have a great Saturday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Cuttle Bug Spot challenge #25

This week at The Cuttlebug spot the challenge was to create an Easter treat container. Perfect timing because over at CafeMom Lizzie posted a challenge in PCJ to make this adorable basket. It seemed like an perfectionist's nightmare and I put off making one for days and days and days. Until another cafemom momma (Callie) gave it a go and it was just adorable so ... I tried it and it actually turned out really cute. Yay me! TFL, have a Blessed Good Friday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

High Hopes card challenge #25

Happy Tuesday everyone. My day started off a bit crazy, including a very near miss car accident, missing my Bible study class, and being stuck on the highway for an hour and a half ...with nothing to drink and only half a chapter left in the book I was reading! ugh ... but, after a nice day shopping for spring clothes for Abbey and finding a fabulous new scrapbook store on San Pedro it ended up on a High note. LOL Get it High ... as in High Hopes Stamps ... hahhaa I crack myself up, I tell ya! I just love this sketch over at High Hopes Stamps and was thinking about it all evening. So after dinner I left the dishes to my sweet Daniel and headed to scrap! This is my version of their wonderful sketch. Thanks for looking. :-)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cute card Thursday with Color Throw Down challenge

I combined two challenge this week because they both had a call out to use bright colors. Cute Card Thursday asked for Citrus colors and the colors for the Color Throwdown were Pink, Turquoise, and Orange. So here is my card for the challenge. Thanks for looking, I had so much fun!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I won!!

Yay me!!! I won Stephanie's fabulous Anniversary Blog candy!!!! Whoo hooo!! Thank you so much Stephanie!!!