Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Star Trek!!

So, today I was in the grocery store and I almost walked right past this FANTABULOUS banner promoting the new Star Trek motion picture. Long story short ('cause ya know I babble!) we 3 are HUGE fans of just about anything SciFi and let me tell you .... Star Trek is at the very tippy top of that long list of favorites. We are just way too excited about this new movie coming out this Summer and Daniel has already set it all up for us to see a midnight viewing at one of his very good friend's Theatre. It's a sneak peek family and friends kind of thing ... we've seen every SciFi movie that way and it's just great. No crowds, no line for pop corn and no waiting for a free stall in the ladies room. Hummm ... I guess that was still sort of long. LOL Anywho ... I bought all 4 promo packages of sugar loaded "apple" flavored, marshmallow, "fruity" loopy, sugar coated flake cereals, even though we don't eat cereal. Abbey's excited to try them all. I foresee an outrageous sugar high coming up this weekend.

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  1. For our family, The Next Generation is our favorite! Can't get enough of Data!!! I hope this movie is going to be good and not too hokey. Maybe I'll wait until you post a review... :)