Friday, April 17, 2009

A week in review

I've been neglecting to up load photos for my 365 since I've been having so much fun participating in blog challenges. So, I made another blog just for my paper crafting and will leave this one just for my 365 ... hopefully :-)
#1 The oh so cute photo of Abbey in the rocket was taken Sat at the mall before we headed out to a new Scrapbook store I found. I'm happy they let kids scrap since most of the stores here will only let them in the back if it is a Mommy and Me day. I know a lot of ladies probably like that but I don't.
#2 Easter Sunday at my Elizabeth's house. I took over 200 photos on Easter but I loved this one so much with Elizabeth's neighbors pretty flowers. I don't have a green thumb so everything I try to grow dies a sad death. :-( Although I do have to say my Poinsettia from Christmas loves me bunches and is sticking it out with me. It even still blooms. Yay!
#3 This amazing Noah's Ark mural was hand drawn and painted by one of the lovely ladies at my sister's Church where we have our Mom to Mom Bible study group. I wish I knew her name. The vestibule is round and three stories high. The painting goes around the whole room upstairs and down. It's just amazing and I find something new each week..
#4 Abbey relaxing in her computer room after doing her homework. She was watching Myth Busters and I took a photo of her watching the television but decided I needed to capture her precious smile for the next one so I told her don't move but look at me and smile. LOL She did :-) She looks like such a big girl in this photo ... what you don't see is her baby doll Zack, her build a Bears and her Easter basket on the couch next to her. LOL What a cutie!!

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