Thursday, May 28, 2009

Final Choir concert and awards night

Tonight was the last Choir concert of the year and a small awards ceremony. Abbey received two medals, for her solos. And one very special red medal from The SA Children's Choir. The ones she's wearing are both for Outstanding achievement ... the most 1st place wins throughout the school year. The white one is from the school for her grade level and the other is from the school district for the combined JH and HS Advanced Choir. Only three red, white, and blue medals were given throughout the district. She is holding the red one that was for her being invited to join the San Antonio Children's Choir. As soon as I took this photos she took them off and shoved them in her pocket. LOL On the drive home I asked her if she was embarrassed to wear them and why she never put the red one on ... she said "Not really but you and everyone make a big deal out of it and it's like bragging" What??? Me, brag ?!?!?! hahahha YES, ME!! And it was a big deal. :-) Side note ... she was happy she got to wear her "Together We Sing" shirt for a second time ... the Principal wouldn't allow it for Spirit Fridays because she said it was teasing the other kids that didn't go. WHAT?? Seriously! I think that's where she gets the bragging thing from. Anywho, I'm off to admire fellow bloggers scrappy things.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Abbey has a week of free dress days at School, because she bought her Year Book. She's been excited about it for weeks. :-) I tried to remind myself to take a photo daily of her looking oh so cute! But things got in the way on Monday and by the time things were settled down she was bathed and ready for bed. So today ... I made sure to get one. She looked super cute in the adorable outfit she put together. She was a little disappointed when one of her teachers told her how happy they were she still dresses like a little girl. :-) Compared to what I saw at School today ... I'm thankful she still lets me help pick out her clothes. LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Nation of Why Not. lol

Abbey and I spent a few minutes ... well more like 40, a few weeks ago playing on the Royal Caribbean website. After filling in all the clues we had the chance to spin the prize wheel and this was what we won. A Crayola Crayon Glow Station. It's pretty cool and really glows in the dark.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
This is my first Not Me! Monday post.
  • I'd never oversleep and miss Church, so yesterday never happened! I'd never blame low platelets and dehydration on over sleeping either ... well and not staying up until 3 to read had NOTHING to do with it!! James Patterson is so not worth loosing sleep over.
  • I certainly did not pass half my dinner to Abbey last night at my sister's house because I really really love Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets! :-) And before said visit to sister's house I did not tell Abbey to finish her homework in the car!! I'd NEVER do that!
  • At my Dr's office, this morning, I didn't tear out an article I wanted to finish reading and stick it in my handbag when they called my name ... no way that's so rude!
  • I also didn't ask the nurse to draw blood from my right arm instead of my left because I carry my shopping bags on my left and I knew I was going to be good and NOT head straight to Michael's after.
  • I didn't almost cry when my Dr said I needed an IV for dehydration because I just LOVE needles and I didn't get grumpy and really cry when he came back in after the IV and said I needed blood because my platelets were low. I sure as heck didn't say can we do this tomorrow because I all I really wanted to do was NOT go shopping.
  • At Michael's I didn't make faces at the lady that was picking her nose, well I tried really hard not to. UGHHHHHHHHHH
  • I didn't spend too much :-) Nope not me.
  • I didn't take my band aids off and say "No change" to my Daniel just so he won't worry.
  • I also didn't send him off shoe shopping at the mall after school with the Roo so I could play with all the stuff I didn't buy :-) ... they needed some daddy & daughter time. :-)
  • I"m not ignoring the oven's timer that's been going off for the last 2 minutes so I can finish this blog. LOL I don't think the bread will suffer much. :-)
What did you NOT do today??
I'm off to save the bread. hahahhaa

Saturday, May 2, 2009

NISD "Together We Sing" concert

Daniel and Abbey (her sweet cheeks are all rosy from the dancing) at the NISD Choir's "Together We Sing" concert. Over 800 kids sang and danced to some of Broadway's best musical numbers. They all did such a great job learning a dance to 9 or 10 songs in just a few hours. I took some video as well ... I'm just not that computer savvy and I need Abbey to show me how to share a clip with you all. :-). So look forward to that tomorrow. hahahha Have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday! Hugs, Christine Oh how funny, I just noticed Abbey is Daniel's height ... she was standing on the bleacher seat next to him. lol

Friday, May 1, 2009

I think we are fast becoming the CAT house!

This is Omelette and her kittens Poached and Sunny.

This is a conversation I had with my neighbor lady this morning ...
Me: Hi (As I'm getting out of the van and a little startled she is now standing at my door)
her (I don't know her name): Where have you been??????!!!
Me: uhhhhh I took my daughter to school, is everything ok?
Her: NO! I've been waiting for you for an hour!!!
Me: OK, Well, I had to run an errand. Are you ok? Is my mother ok?
Her: I don't care! Take this. (As she shoves a box at me)
Me: Thank you, what is it?
Her: A CAT!!!!! Take it, it's sick or something.
Me: Oh no, what's wrong with it? Where did you find it?
Her: It was on your front porch and my dog was trying to get to it. (she is yelling this as she huffs away)
Me: Oh, well, Thanks.

Now I just adjust the box and go in because, well because she was very cranky and I was excited over a cat and scared it was hurt. I set the box on my bed and took off my heels and peeked in the box ... what do I see???? This sweet stray cat was giving birth! Thankfully she was not hurt like my neighbor thought but just needing some love, food and attention. Now I have to tell you this is actually the third time a stray has shown up literally on our door and given birth. That's how we came to own Golden and Waffle Ann her Kitten. Then came Spicy and her kitten Cupcake ... We had her fixed and gave her away to some friends of Daniel's and kept Cupcake. Our next was Vanilla Wafer with Apple her kitten, Vanilla was also fixed and given away. Apple stayed. When Daniel came home from work I kissed him and said "Guess what my love, we have a new cat and two kittens " he patted the sofa and said "Come here and tell me all about it." LOL He's a cutie through and through. Since we already own 4 cats it's just not going to work with more so we will let her stay here until the kittens are weaned then have her fixed and find them good homes. Abbey named the mommy Omelette and the kittens Poached and Sunny ... as in sunny side up. LOL We have a food theme going and it just couldn't be broken. hahhah