Monday, May 4, 2009

Not me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
This is my first Not Me! Monday post.
  • I'd never oversleep and miss Church, so yesterday never happened! I'd never blame low platelets and dehydration on over sleeping either ... well and not staying up until 3 to read had NOTHING to do with it!! James Patterson is so not worth loosing sleep over.
  • I certainly did not pass half my dinner to Abbey last night at my sister's house because I really really love Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets! :-) And before said visit to sister's house I did not tell Abbey to finish her homework in the car!! I'd NEVER do that!
  • At my Dr's office, this morning, I didn't tear out an article I wanted to finish reading and stick it in my handbag when they called my name ... no way that's so rude!
  • I also didn't ask the nurse to draw blood from my right arm instead of my left because I carry my shopping bags on my left and I knew I was going to be good and NOT head straight to Michael's after.
  • I didn't almost cry when my Dr said I needed an IV for dehydration because I just LOVE needles and I didn't get grumpy and really cry when he came back in after the IV and said I needed blood because my platelets were low. I sure as heck didn't say can we do this tomorrow because I all I really wanted to do was NOT go shopping.
  • At Michael's I didn't make faces at the lady that was picking her nose, well I tried really hard not to. UGHHHHHHHHHH
  • I didn't spend too much :-) Nope not me.
  • I didn't take my band aids off and say "No change" to my Daniel just so he won't worry.
  • I also didn't send him off shoe shopping at the mall after school with the Roo so I could play with all the stuff I didn't buy :-) ... they needed some daddy & daughter time. :-)
  • I"m not ignoring the oven's timer that's been going off for the last 2 minutes so I can finish this blog. LOL I don't think the bread will suffer much. :-)
What did you NOT do today??
I'm off to save the bread. hahahhaa

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