Friday, May 1, 2009

I think we are fast becoming the CAT house!

This is Omelette and her kittens Poached and Sunny.

This is a conversation I had with my neighbor lady this morning ...
Me: Hi (As I'm getting out of the van and a little startled she is now standing at my door)
her (I don't know her name): Where have you been??????!!!
Me: uhhhhh I took my daughter to school, is everything ok?
Her: NO! I've been waiting for you for an hour!!!
Me: OK, Well, I had to run an errand. Are you ok? Is my mother ok?
Her: I don't care! Take this. (As she shoves a box at me)
Me: Thank you, what is it?
Her: A CAT!!!!! Take it, it's sick or something.
Me: Oh no, what's wrong with it? Where did you find it?
Her: It was on your front porch and my dog was trying to get to it. (she is yelling this as she huffs away)
Me: Oh, well, Thanks.

Now I just adjust the box and go in because, well because she was very cranky and I was excited over a cat and scared it was hurt. I set the box on my bed and took off my heels and peeked in the box ... what do I see???? This sweet stray cat was giving birth! Thankfully she was not hurt like my neighbor thought but just needing some love, food and attention. Now I have to tell you this is actually the third time a stray has shown up literally on our door and given birth. That's how we came to own Golden and Waffle Ann her Kitten. Then came Spicy and her kitten Cupcake ... We had her fixed and gave her away to some friends of Daniel's and kept Cupcake. Our next was Vanilla Wafer with Apple her kitten, Vanilla was also fixed and given away. Apple stayed. When Daniel came home from work I kissed him and said "Guess what my love, we have a new cat and two kittens " he patted the sofa and said "Come here and tell me all about it." LOL He's a cutie through and through. Since we already own 4 cats it's just not going to work with more so we will let her stay here until the kittens are weaned then have her fixed and find them good homes. Abbey named the mommy Omelette and the kittens Poached and Sunny ... as in sunny side up. LOL We have a food theme going and it just couldn't be broken. hahhah


  1. wow that's crazy. I love the names though

  2. Such a cute cat,with her baby's..Love the names..
    Hugs, Linda

  3. you are an Angel...and we need more of you! how lucky are they, that mom & her babies to have fallen into your lap? we have 5 cats here at Shirleys 2 Girls...and we are always ready if another stray comes into our lives...
    thankyou for dropping into our sure to check back on the candy will be given away...take care...DEIDRE

  4. You are so kind hearted:) How are the momma and kittens doing?