Friday, March 13, 2009

NASA day 2

As you can see Abbey fell in love with this little fleece hoodie, her first, and she wore it basically everyday even though Daniel bought her one in just about every color. She and Gia the Build a Bear match ... too cute!
Funny story about the hoodie, Daniel bought me some also and as I was putting one on to make him happy I looked down and noticed what I thought was a skull!!! I said hey wait, what's on this thing and he grabbed me fast and hugged me to him and asked " What if it has a bloody rose and skull, would you wear it for me bride?" Ugh eeegads NO WAY I yelled in my head!!!! But I smiled and said yes ... but not in public. He laughed and let me go, I looked down and it was just some swirls with tiny little aqua beads on it. hahhah Abbey chimed in and said she wished hers had a pink skull with a plaid hair bow!! WHAT??? hahahhaa silly thing!!

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