Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shopping. :-)

Shopping, lunch and an afternoon nap. It all started with a tape runner refill. lol I told Daniel I needed to run by Hobby Lobby to buy another tape runner refill for my tape gun and he said "Oh I'll go with you." :-) la la la la ... lol that's my happy song, I sang it in my head on the drive to HL. He bought me two Fantabulous paper stacks, tape, ink, a bunny ears craft, and 3 new sets of clear stamp ... two of which came with ink and a stamping block. Since Michael's is literally around the corner he suggested we pop in . LA LA LA LA!! Too bad punches weren't on sale. lol I left with two more super pretty paper stacks, MM Chloe's Closet decorative straight pins (so pretty!), MM Chloe's Closet clear creations, another bottle of Beacons :-), and a Fastenater mini. We went to lunch at one of his favorite Chinese food restaurants and then stopped to fill my gas tank before heading home. While I was taking out all my goodies and arranging them for a photo he popped in and asked if I felt like a snuggle and a movie ... Of course I'd never say no so I ended up taking a really nice 3 hour nap. :-) He left for work while I was still sleeping but he set the alarm so I wouldn't be late for Roo. Sweet sweet sweet!!!


  1. Oh such fun! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in NH, I certainly would shop a bit more than I need to!

  2. Wow - what a lovely lot of stash!
    Thanks for linking to my candy - good luck!
    Helen x

  3. What a FUN shopping trip! I want almost all of it LOL! Thank you for following and putting my blog candy up!

  4. Wow! You have an AWESOME husband! Great buys :)