Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had to wait until day two at the camp grounds to get a photo because it was too dark when we first arrived. At the Diamond mine Abbey was the adventurous one and sat down on the sopping wet ground to hunt for diamonds. At one point she was flat on her tummy digging up mounds of mud and singing "Singing in the rain" lol Daniel and I sort of walked the mushy ground slip sliding around until our hands and feet were so cold it hurt. lol Diamond hunting was fun but we didn't find much more than Pink Quarts and Jasper. Oh well ... maybe next time. lol Abbey had a blast and was finally willing to leave but only because it started pouring rain yet again! Our camp ground looked like a mini river and sadly our tent was flooded the morning of day two so we took it down in freezing rain and packed up camp. That was when we decided to head back to TX and the NASA museum ... after a quick stop at a laundry mat to dry our gear and wash our muddy clothes. On our drive to Houston we stopped at a really cute Antique store and Daniel bought me a beautiful 1 1/2 carat diamond ring to commemorate our adventures in diamond mining. I asked if it was an early Birthday gift and he said no just a gift. I have to say I LOVE that guy!!!! Abbey picked out an old cradle for Zack. We stayed at a nice dry hotel for the night and started the last 3 hours drive to Houston in the morning.

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