Sunday, January 11, 2009

Angel's Baptism

I took this very quick photo of Abbey and her cousin Angel after his Baptism today.The sun was so bright and there were tons of extra people at the Church because of the service that I didn't have time to get a good shot. Even still they look adorable. After mass we went to lunch with the Garcia side of our family. Daniel's mom, dad, 2 sisters and their children ... 13 of them (3 were missing) and 3 of "Us" ... we are so out numbered. lol Well, I guess we are "them" too. :-) Anywho, we filled the back of the restaurant. The service took forever and the food was eww. I'd never had enchiladas with cold tomato sauce from a can smothering them, the Spanish rice was white rice cooked in tomato sauce with peas in it .... for a Mexican restaurant. they don't know how to prepare Mexican food. ugh yuck. Daniel is such a sweetheart and kept bragging about my cooking and how we had soft chicken tacos, refried beans, Spanish rice and guacamole last night for dinner. :) Abbey of course had eggs Just like her Papa would have. She can eat eggs for breakfast lunch or dinner. She reminds me so much of him it breaks my heart sometimes. Ugh ok before I get all emotional, lol I'm off to watch The season ending of Stargate Atlantis with Daniel and a bowl of popcorn. Yippee.

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  1. it's from melissa frances... it's not really a cameo... though she does have these vintage postcard kits with lil cameos in them! i gave mine to my mom that i recieved in a kit b/c she LOVES cameos!!