Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking the SAT's

Well, today is the day ... Abbey is at the HS taking her SAT's. This is a quick photo I took after asking her if it was ok. lol That is so not her real smile, she forced one for me, my poor baby!! Her little red pencil holder was stuffed with about 30 pencils, her school ID, erasers, her test ticket, the letter from Duke University, tick tacks to calm her nervous tummy and her oh so expensive 380 dollar calculator that Daniel bought for her the day we found out she was taking 11th grade math. She looks tired too. We were up pretty late snuggling and talking about not being nervous, because we both were, and I was afraid she'd be tired this morning. Luckily she woke up at first call, her wake up normally involves turning on all her lights, me stripping the sheets around her, taking away her pillow to change the case, bugging her to kiss me good morning, tickling her feet, tossing a cat up to greet her and threats of missing our 100 kiss kiss, but today she was up in a flash and bouncing around the house like nothing major was going on. Then at breakfast she didn't want to eat so she had a yogurt and one drink of chocolate milk. She babbles when she is nervous (I babble all the time. lol) and was talking about such random things it made me even more nervous. I tried to reassure her that this is just a practice really, since she has years and years until the real go at it. When we arrived at the HS she started wringing her little hands at the sight of all the Seniors waiting to take the test. It was funny though when a teacher came over and said "Ok mom you can go" she held on to me and said can she stay for 1 more minute and the teacher said "No you both need to leave now." Abbey said but I'm here to take the test and she said "Oh you're one of the smarties." She let me stay. Thankfully! The boy next to Abbey asked her " Are you really smart?" She laughed and said yes. Then he said "Oh yeah! I want to sit next to you." lol Then she was more at ease and even chatted with him a bit. Turns out his math teacher is the same one that come to the JH and teaches Abbey. He talks about her to his students so he knew of her. They have the same Honors English teacher as well. Still I was really happy when they told the little kids, 3 other 7th and 8th graders also taking the test, that they were taking the test in a different room. The relief on Abbey's face almost made me giggle. Before she went into the test room she turned and whispered "Can we have stuffed peppers for dinner?" I said yes and she let out a long breath and hugged me tight then walked in. There was a Daddy of one of the boys and he said wow they looked like they were being lead into the slaughter house. Awwwwww, they did. :-( So first thing I did after I left her there was head to the grocery store to purchase the fixing for stuffed peppers. Daniel said to take her out to lunch at The Olive Garden, her favorite place, and then to a movie as a kind of reward for being so FANTABULOUS!!! lol


  1. I hope she did good. She looks very bright so I'm sure she did just fine. Although I may have to talk to her, she only asked for Stuffed Peppers!? She probably could have gotten so much more out of you at that moment lol

  2. lol, I felt horrible for putting her through it so anything she asked I'd have done.

  3. ohhhh I bet she was so nervous! Poor thing! I bet she did wonderful!