Thursday, January 1, 2009


I decided to take a photo of one of Abbey's workbooks for the SAT's since it's been the focus of our thoughts lately. Duke University is paying for her to take her SAT's this January as part of their 7th grade talent search. She and about 70 other kids in the state have qualified to take it based on their math and science classes and grades. She'll be taking the whole test but they are mostly interested in the math portion. Since she is seriously a math whiz I know she will do well. At first we were hesitant about letting her take it at her age (12) in a room full of high school seniors also taking the test, (talk about some serious pressure!) but after taking to one of the representatives at Duke, her counselor, Math, Science and GT teachers we decided to let her have a go at it and see what happens. If she scores well enough she will be invited to attend specialty camps hosted by Duke this Summer and even start taking online courses. We are trying to make the prep for it all more like a game but sometimes I can see the stress it causes her and I wonder if I'm doing the right thing.


  1. Oh wow! How awesome is that!! Just do what you think is right and everything will work out! :) Good luck.

  2. That is pretty awesome that she got picked to do that.

  3. thanks a bunch girlie! it's amazing how one lil thing (scrapping) can turn you into this crazy must create monster lol... but then again i guess it all fell into place at the right time... b/c it's truely theropy!!!
    that is awesome about your dd... don't let her mess it up!!! hahaha i had a full run scholarship to some collage in new york... then i started to not care about things and look at me! i can't even remember what the name of the school was!!!
    good luck to her!!