Friday, January 23, 2009


I was putting some laundry away today and I realized I've gone a bit overboard on buying jeans ... I've been on a jean kick since mid December. For a girl that never wore jeans it's crazy! Ok, Well I did have a pair of "jean" like Capri pants. lol Anywho, The reason is, in December Abbey was invited to sing on a river barge with some of the choir kids, it was freezing cold (28* I believe) and Daniel was concerned about me wearing a skirt so we went to Catherine's to look for a pair of jeans and wow who knew they were so comfy??!??! So from one pair that night to 13 ... I've gotten to love them. So far I really like the dark ones, because they tend to look dressier, but the light ones are nice too for errands and such. I'm a bit prissy and the only jeans I can even remember owning were some Jordach jeans in JrH, that I think I wore once. lol They were the "cool" jeans back then and I HAD to have them. ** Ignore the nightgown under the jeans. ** lol Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I LOVE jeans too! I wish I could wear them everyday at work. But alas, I need to look professional... Honestly, you can never have toooo many jeans!