Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Night

Tonight was Family night at Abbey's school. It was nice to see so many families there even though it was soooo cold and drizzling. One of the coaches was even in a dunking booth out in the freezing cold! And Abbey, the little stinker, wanted to have a try at it! I stood in line with her for oh 3 minutes until she said, I'm turning into a Popsicle, and we went back in. They passed out raffle tickets to the parents for participating in the activities and Abbey was excited because we won twice. A 10 dollar gift card to H.E.B. our local grocery store and another 10 dollar gift card to some restaurant, Friday's I believe. She immediately claimed the grocery store card. lol I asked her why she wanted it and she said because I never let her get junk food. lol Her idea of junk food is Special K chocolate delight cereal and Moo Tracks ice cream ... yummm!! I'm really not a mean mom, but my mother is diabetic so we don't buy sweets or "Junk food" as Abbey calls it unless we are having it that day. So tomorrow, Moo Tracks for dessert!

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