Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fly Pen

Today after my Mom to Mom meeting at Church I headed over to one of the strip malls by North Star mall and headed into Best Buy. I was looking for season 9 of Stargate Atlantis for Daniel and me but they didn't have it, darn! What I did find was this really cool thing called the Fly Fusion system. You use this pen with a sensor to write on special paper then download the pen to the computer and wow, everything you just wrote is now on the computer in your own handwriting!! Super cool!! The notebooks show you tons of things, like translating English to Spanish, working Algebra problems, helps with spelling, you can play brain teaser games, it has an MP3 player, you can compose music and even use it as a day planner! Wowee! So I bought some extra notebooks and half a dozen journals for Abbey and me. The journals are really cute and have these journal prompts to get your creative writing juices flowing. I've been having a blast with it, I think I may need my own pen thingy because Abbey loves it as much as I do and passing the pen was too frustrating for us. lol Oh and it was on sale too! Whoohoo.

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  1. Ok this looks really cool. You will have to share some the journal ideas they give.