Monday, February 2, 2009


This is Ellianna ... Abbey's Build A Bear all decked out for Valentine's day. Abbey NEEDED to take this photo for my blog today. I should have let her blog about it since she took the photo but thankfully she has been asleep for hours. There was some hoopla at school today when they went into lock down all because the police were serving a weapons warrant to a man that wasn't even home. Let me tell you when I heard her little voice on the answering machine saying "Mommy there's an emergency at school, you need to come get me speedy quick!" My heart sank even though I had already picked her up since I'm normally quite early to wait in the drive up line so I can read for a good 20 minutes.
The school really handled it all wrong but I'm too upset to get into it. Grrrr Here's to a MUCH better day tomorrow!!

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  1. Cute elephant Abbey! And that does sound a bit scary at the school. Glad things worked out just fine.