Thursday, July 9, 2009

Abbey and Bebe

This sweet little "My Buddy" baby doll has been in our family since 1985. My brother Joseph moved to Georgia, and he was so lonely over there that he would make the trip back to Texas nearly every weekend. So my sister Anna Marie bought him this My Buddy doll for Christmas ... to keep him company. Well, he still came home nearly every weekend but now Bebe, the doll, was coming too. LOL One day our father fell asleep with Bebe in his arms and Joseph didn't have the heart to take him back to Georgia. So he lived at Daddy's house with three girls that bought him baby clothes and sat him in the living room watching TV with Daddy. When Daddy passed Anna Marie took Bebe and every so often she lets him "visit" us. LOL When the kids came to spend the 4th weekend with us, we brought along Bebe. :-) I love these photos of Abbey and Bebe ... I have some just like this from when she was about 1 and almost every year after. When Bebe came home with us this past weekend, Daniel said I know why Roo likes to baby her dolls, you still do. :-) Yes, I do. lol


  1. Hi Momma! I love you! Come to my blog! Muah! Bye! :)

  2. I tried to leave you a comment my sweet baby doll but your comments are not working. I Love you bunches!! Hugs!!!!! Momma